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    22/01/2014Davos Billionaires See Wealth Gains on 2014 Stocks RallyBillionaires attending the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting this week in Davos, Switzerland, expect...04/01/2014Melbourne inviting expressions of interest from individuals from Greece & CyprusThe Victorian Government of Australia is inviting expressions of interest from individuals around the...31/12/2013Top 2014 Financial Resolutions For The Rich: deVere Group PollThree top financial priorities in 2014 for the globe-trotting wealthy are seemingly at odds with one...
  • Should Greece leave the euro zone and return to the drachma?

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About Greek Rich List

Greek Rich List Publications and Events

The concept of our publications is to celebrate and document entrepreneurial stories; to inspire young entrepreneurs and to promote Greek heritage and culture.

The Publications

From left to right: The 2007 issue (Britain’s Top 50 Greek Millionaires), 2008 issue (Britain’s Top 100 Greek Millionaires), 2009/10 issue (Profiling the World’s Greek Millionaires) and 2011/12 issue (Profiling the World’s Greek Millionaires).

The first ever issue of Greek Rich List (GRL) was published in 2007 and profiled Britain’s Top 50 Greek Millionaires. In 2008 we increased the profiles to 100 and in 2009 published our magazine profiling World Greek millionaires. GRL is about to start research on its fifth edition and it will be released early 2013.

We do not suggest being wealthy denotes success: there are many people in various vocations globally that are successful but do not make vast amounts of money and we still profile them in a separate regular feature called ‘The Greekest Link’. Our publications are published to inspire young entrepreneurs and inform our readers of the successes of Greeks globally, not only in business but in history, the arts, politics from the Greek Diaspora.

Greek Rich List’s – Greek Power Summit Event

From left to right: George Vernicos – President of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), Savvas Pavlou – Organisor of Greek Power Summit and Publisher of Greek Rich List, Elena Ambrosiadou – Chairman & CEO IKOS Group, Steve Forbes – Chairman of Forbes Media | Editor-in-Chief of Forbes Magazine | Republican Candidate for US President, 1996 and 2000.

In June 2011 Greek Rich List presented the first ever Greek Power Summit in Athens – it was a two day event that took place at the Hotel Grande Bretagne. It was an event where the titans of business and industry from around the world of Greek origin and not, global government officials, academia, civil society and the media who have the power to shape the global agenda can engage in round table discussions, network and hold one to one meetings to set priorities on how to improve investment opportunities, create jobs and deliver growth across the region. The biennial Greek Power Summit creates a platform for leaders in business and industry to exchange ideas and work together creating a stronger nation and build stronger ties with the most successful business people throughout the world. We hope to continue to organise our Greek Power Summit event taking it around the world.

Heritage, Influence and Tributes

Ancient Greece is considered by most historians to be the foundational culture of Western Civilisation. Greek culture was a powerful influence to many parts of Europe. It has been immensely influential on the language, politics, educational systems, philosophy, art and architecture of the modern world. Ancient Greece appreciated the individual by creating an environment in which individuals were free to express themselves, philosophers such as Socrates, Plato and Aristotle to name a few, did just that. Alexander the Great was one of the most successful military commanders of all time and is presumed undefeated in battle, Spartan warriors are still praised today for their discipline, physical training, and strategic skills.

We at GRL are proud of our heritage and pay tribute to the successes of Greeks globally by publishing our magazines and organising our events.